" I want more of this experience of community showing up so fully and beautifully.

This is some of what will change the world." 

Peia Luzzi, Ashland, OR


I have been facilitating healing and transformation in community for over a decade through workshops, rituals, community conversations, trainings, and land-based retreats. My events are trauma informed, inclusive, and weave a wide range of practices including ways of council, somatic processes, earth-honoring ritual, ancestral healing, earth reconnection, poetry, music, song and sound, storytelling, movement, and embodiment practices. I am inspired by the work of Joanna Macy, Francis Weller, Michael Meade, Marshall Rosenberg, Sobonfu Somé, and Augusto Boal among others.


My passion for creating circles of beauty, meaning, and truth-telling emerges from a desire to support the transition from a culture divided by hatred and intolerance, fueled by fear, and addicted to consumption, toward one rooted in sacred reciprocity and deep belonging. I see these turbulent times as offering an invitation to each of us to come into spiritual employment in service to the healing of our world by connecting with our raw truth, tender humanity and deepest values, reclaiming our inherent sense of worth, and bringing forth the unique gifts that are our ancestral birthright.


I have facilitated and co-facilitated events internationally in London, Scotland, Barbados, California, Oregon, and throughout the West Coast. Alongside my own group work I am also a facilitator for Restorative Circles, the Awakening the Dreamer SymposiumThe Work That Reconnects, and Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA) Trainings. Besides working with the general public I have also worked with a diversity of groups including youth on probation, veterans, activists, native youth, and the homeless community. Please follow the link below to view my calendar of past and upcoming events.



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