"One of the most intensely beautiful and powerful events I have ever experienced. 

Lara has a true gift for bringing people together in peace, love and unity." 

David Little



My name is Lara Lwin Treadaway. I have been facilitating healing and transformation with individuals, groups, and communities for over a decade. I draw from perspectives and practices rooted in mutual respect, radical compassion, and deep belonging, and that cultivate and nurture connection within ourselves, between each other, and with the other-than-human world. I work with a range of holistic, trauma-informed, soul-centered, and earth-honoring approaches such as deep listening and empathic inquiry; trauma release and resolution, grief education and support, earth-based ritual and ceremony; sensory awareness and breath work; guided soul work and deep visioning. My aim is to offer a quality of support that strengthens spirits, liberates minds, and re-wilds hearts so that we may each bring our unique gifts forward for our troubled world.


My name is Lara Lwin Treadaway. I offer one-on-one guidance and support to individuals and facilitate healing, reconciliation, and transformation with groups and communities. I am passionate about creating spaces of truth-telling, beauty, and meaning that cultivate a deeper connection with our true values and tender humanity, renew our commitment to care for the living earth, and bring forth our unique gifts for a troubled world. I am motivated by a desire to temper the dehumanizing influence of an industrial growth society founded on injustice, divided by intolerance, fueled by fear, and addicted to consumption, through practices rooted in mutual respect, sacred reciprocity, and deep belonging. 

I offer one-on-one soul mentoringgrief counseling, and healing intensives for individuals and couples. My group work includes workshops, rituals, circles, retreats, and trainings with a focus on sacred grief work, emotional alchemy, and spiritual alignment. My work is trauma informed and inclusive and draws from a range of modalities and processes including deep listening and reconciliation work; cross-cultural ritual and ceremony, sacred song, lamentation and vocalization; sensory awareness and breath work; ancestral skills; creative writing practices; earth reconnection and re-wilding and visioning processes; embodiment practices and depth work. I also offer occasional mentoring opportunities for those wishing to facilitate sacred grief work for groups and communities, learn the art of ritual, and restore their connection with the earth.

My community activism includes being a member of Transition Town Brixton, a community-led initiative within the Transition Town Network, teaching Nonviolent Communication and co-facilitating inter-faith community dialogs to search for common ground between people of different backgrounds and beliefs. I have worked as a prison volunteer, and facilitated trainings and workshops with a diversity of groups including youth on probation, native youth, veterans, eco-villages, and the homeless community. I have worked as a mediator for families, intentional communities, and activist groups. In 2011 I adopted a lifestyle of voluntary simplicity. For the last five years I have been traveling through Oregon and California facilitating gatherings to support and nurture connection, inspire creativity, and foster resilience in these troubled times.  through my lifestyle project The Green Road. My long-standing study and practice of the Dharma includes multiple Buddhist retreats and completing the two-year advanced Dharma Practitioners’ Programme at Gaia House, UK in 2010-2011. 


While I have explored many paths to healing, I consider my greatest source of knowledge for alchemizing pain and grief, and cultivating true resilience, to have come from navigating many difficult initiatory experiences in my own life including; chronic childhood illness, near death experience, childhood trauma, teenage homelessness, self-harm and eating disorders, complex PTSD, fibromyalgia and chronic pain/fatigue, suicidal ideation, multiple addictions, divorce, and multiple bereavement. I have come to trust that we can find a way to embrace the raw truth of our lives, including all our experiences of grief and loss, by committing to a wholehearted path of deep surrender and radical compassion, and in doing so we will discover many unexpected blessings and gifts. For me this has included reconnecting with the wisdom and guidance of my ancestors, restoring a deep intimacy with the sacred animate world, and reclaiming a sense of the innate wholeness and deep belonging that is our ancestral birthright.

Drawing on training in multiple healing modalities and spiritual traditions

As modern western culture does not support being with grief in healthy ways, I was inspired to support people to be well resourced and not feel so isolated or stigmatized in their grief

This framework is heart-centered, embodied, culturally inclusive and welcoming of people of all backgrounds.

My approach is informed by my connection with my own ancestors, reverence for the living Earth, and work with grief as a sacred journey.

Ancestral healing has enabled me to connect and embody the blessings of my ancestral elders, to feel a greater sense of belonging and to be in more rightful relationship with the holy Earth and other-than-human kin.

With humor and heart, she loves empowering her clients, helping them heal personal, familial, and cultural burdens; and helping them remember and reconnect to what really matters. 

She lives in Australia on the ancestral lands of the Dja Dja Warung people, where she grows food and medicinal plants. She sees relationships of reciprocity to other than humans, to the cycles of life, as well as to the unseen world, as ways back into belonging and rich cultural homecoming. 

She weaves ritual and nature reconnection into all of her offerings, and she is passionate about ancestral healing, supporting grief and loss, recovery from religious fundamentalism, and work with chronic pain/illness. 

Northern European wisdom traditions

Those who undertake the full journey into their grief come back carrying medicine for the world.


Francis Weller



My credentials include training as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist between 2009-2011 with the Quest Institute in the UK which covered a range of modalities including Ericksonian Hypnosis, Parts Psychology, Time Line Therapy, Gestalt techniques, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). In 2010 I certified as an advanced practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping/EFT) with The EFT Center with EFT Masters Emma Roberts and Sue Beer, and a Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner with Karl Dawson, the creator of Matrix Reimprinting, and in 2014 I completed the Level One and Two Focusing Facilitator Training with Eugene Gendlin and Ann Weiser Cornell of The International Focusing InstituteMy group facilitation training includes The Work That Reconnects Facilitator Development Program in 2010, which covered a range of practices including earth-based facilitation, community ritual, empowerment work, and also included training as a facilitator for The Work That Reconnects, a body of experiential group work created by Buddhist scholar and deep ecologist Joanna Macy. I trained as an Awakening the Dreamer Symposium facilitator with the Pachamama Alliance in 2010. I completed the Intensive International Intensive Training (IIT) in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) with The Center for Nonviolent Communication and with Marshall Rosenberg as the core teacher in 2011. In 2014 I trained as a facilitator for the Restorative Circles Process, developed by Dominic Barter as a community truth-telling and reconciliation process within the Restorative Justice movement. In 2016 I completed the Certificate Program in Nonviolence Studies with the Metta Center for Nonviolence in Petaluma, CA. In 2019 I trained as an in-home hospice volunteer with the Hospice of SLO County in San Luis Obispo, CA.