" I cannot recommend Lara highly enough, as a wise, compassionate witness and guide.

 Grief yields to gratitude, for these experiences, all of them."

Öcean MacConnell Liff-Anderson


We can enter the realm of grief through many gateways, from the death of loved ones, divorce, ancestral wounds, chronic ill health, family conflicts, unhealed shame, or the many sorrows of our world in these troubled times. All of these experiences can give rise to intense feelings of shock, outrage, despair, anxiety, disbelief, numbness, overwhelm, depression, and fear. Grief can arise from an experience of loss in the past, a crisis in the present, or the anticipation of loss in the future. In a culture that is largely grief-phobic, most of us need to be taught how to grieve.

I offer a safe space for all the grief you are carrying to be heard and held in a way that can support you to process and metabolize what is ready to be released and transformed. I share perspectives and practices that can help you to feel safe in the world again after an experience of profound loss. Grief is not an illness to be cured, but an alchemical journey and sacred rite of passage that can teach us much about what we love, what is important to us, and how to restore a sense of meaning and belonging in the world. Grief is a journey that ripens us as human beings.

Sessions are typically 60-90 minutes long and take place by phone. I work within a gifting paradigm, operating a sliding scale to support all incomes and pro-bono sessions wherever possible to support those in severe financial difficulty. It is important to me that integrative, holistic, therapeutic care be made accessible to all. For any questions please contact me to schedule an initial consultation. I also offer ritual support for life transitions, and healing intensives for in-depth personalized healing experiences. Please follow this link to read a selection of client testimonials.

“I cannot recommend Lara highly enough, as a wise, compassionate witness and guide. She helped me reflect on my loss of self, on my need for individuation, to call back my projections, off of the other, reclaim these lost parts of my psyche. Grief yields to gratitude,

for these experiences, all of them. I cannot thank Lara enough for her support, compassion and guidance.”


Ocean Liff-Anderson, Corvallis, OR



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