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I was grateful for a full house under the full moon this weekend by the full swell and flow of the ocean for our dance with grief and gratitude. Grateful to be creating and holding sacred space once again for the welcoming, opening and transforming of so many beautiful broken open hearts into the light of truth, meaning, and beauty.

We called in the Goddess Akilandeshwari "She Who Is Never Not Broken", to carry us through the ceremony. Riding the currents of the river of life atop a crocodile, Akilandeshwari reminds us of the power that lies hidden inside our brokenness. In destroying all illusions and delusions she invites us in to our most alone, afraid, and vulnerable places where the true medicine of life resides.

Akhilandeshwari, the Never Not Broken Sovereign of the Universe, is the Great Mother Goddess Herself. She challenges us to confront the intense energies that our fears and losses bring, rather than bypassing the pain we do not want to feel. She calls us to face what is broken in us in order to understand what is broken in the world.

In the ebb and flow of the soul's journey through this human life Akilandeshwari asks us to go to the heart of our pain, where we are to know our brokenness again and again, and to give ourselves over and over to the maker to be shown how to remake ourselves anew. She reminds us that grief is always asking us to surrender in the same way that love asks us to.

In riding the tide of our fears into the depths of the human experience we are led to the place where our most powerful medicine for growth and transformation lies waiting. In that secret place, only to be known by our willingness to unknow, Akilandeshwari carries us through our absolute brokenness to meet her other face, "She Who Is Never Not Whole".


Image: source unknown

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