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Saturday, April 8, 2023 | 10AM ~ 6PM | Newport, OR


“We see that in life it is necessary to grieve those things that no longer serve us and let them go. We experience conflicts, loved

ones die or suffer, dreams never manifest, illnesses occur, relationships break up, and there are unexpected natural

disasters. It is so important to have ways to release those pains to keep clearing ourselves.

~ Sobonfu Somé ~



We enter the realm of grief through many gateways, whether from the loss of a loved one or a painful life transition, from an intractable conflict or a relationship ending, from unresolved trauma or cultural or ancestral wounds, from our sense of powerlessness with the political, social or environmental concerns of our time or any other experience of deep loss. This grief workshop and oceanside ceremony offers an opportunity for us to come together to share our sorrows and open to the healing that comes by tending to our hearts in a sacred way. By engaging the ancient technologies of cross-cultural ritual, poetry, small group sharing, and song, we will co-create an alchemical container within which we can mourn our losses and celebrate the love that lies at the heart of grief. This transformative work helps us to cultivate courage and resilience and nurtures a deeper sense of meaning and belonging, so that we can respond to the ongoing challenges of our lives, and of our world, with greater courage, wisdom, and compassion. 

Grief has always been communal, always been shared and consequently has traditionally been regarded as a sacred process. Too often in modern times our grief becomes private, carrying an invisible mantle of shame forcing our sorrow underground, hidden from the

eyes that would offer healing. We must restore the conversation we need to have concerning the place of grief in our lives.

~ Francis Weller ~




Lara Lwin Treadaway has been facilitating healing and transformation with individuals, couples, families, and groups for over 20 years. Over that time she has come to trust deeply in the power of sacred grief work, ancestral connection, earth-honoring ritual, and the creative healing arts as alchemical pathways to restoring a sense of belonging within ourselves, between each other, and with the world. Lara’s personal story includes many fierce initiations through trauma, grief, and loss, leading to a hard-won respect for the journey of transmuting our pain into medicine for the world. Mostly she can be found outdoors, in all weathers, tending and restoring the land with her herd of rescued wild horses and burros, on a rural property near the ocean in Seal Rock, OR.

Special Guest Michelle Lovrich will be providing live drumming on the day. Read more about Michelle here.



DATE: Sat, April 8, 2023


TIME: 10:00AM - 6:00PM

LOCATION: Newport, OR (details given on registration)

COST: Sliding scale $75 ~ $150

Please pay what feels most in alignment with your financial circumstances, while considering the value of this work.

If the lowest rate is still prohibitive, please reach out via the contact details below to explore another form of exchange.

All profits from this event will go towards caring for the needs of the wild equine residents at Wild Peace Sanctuary.



In the event of cancelation refunds will not be issued but all tickets can be transferred to future events.


For any questions please contact Lara:  |  541-740-3933



We will not be enforcing any rules around COVID safety at this event, but request that each person take responsibility for their personal health choices. Please take your own and other people's health concerns into consideration and do not attend if you are feeling ill, or have had any recent exposure. 


"This work was very powerful and transformative for me and I highly recommend it. Thank you Lara for sharing such a

beautiful, ancient, communal way to tap into this universal well of grief we all drink from, giving access to new

perspectives, through deeper understanding of and befriending of our grief. I cannot say enough about

you and the safe space you held communally. You are masterful at what you do, and so clearly and

beautifully committed to helping heal the planet with this work. Deep bow of gratitude.”

~ Laura Ghiringhelli Knutson, San Luis Obispo, CA

“Incredible! Amazing work! In these times of such incredible devastation in the world, and so much fear and rage and grief,

this is exactly the kind of support that people need. Not only do I feel lighter but I feel more focused, more empowered,

more resilient, and clearer about what my role can be in this time of unraveling of our beautiful planet. I arrived

feeling hopeless and utterly in despair. I left feeling inspired and ready to cherish my life and to keep on loving this

world. So deeply grateful for Lara and the grief she has moved through to be able to hold others in this way.”

~ Jenna Michaels, Portland, OR

"Lara is a gifted guide through the deep well of sorrow and grief. She is receptive to the needs of each participant being aware

of the community as a whole. Lara holds a safe container in which participants can let go in ways many of us

have never been able to before. The deep joy which follows the out-pouring of grief is truly profound."

~ Oshi, Coos Bay, OR

"Lara’s insight, knowledge and compassion to serve people through the process of grief is so powerful and wise.

It’s very evident she has devoted herself to this much needed practice of healing. The love and

acceptance she evokes in this work is truly moving and powerful."

~ Gina Shulman, San Luis Obispo, CA

"If you want a deeply poignant and absolutely beautiful experience, I most highly recommend this sacred work. If you

at all interested, go. If you are curious, go. If you are doubtful, go. If you think this is for you or if you

think this is not for you, go. You will be forever blessed and eternally grateful."

~ Chante Dao, Hugo, OR​

"Having a strong leader who kept structure, time and process in check made me feel safe and secure and helped ease any tension

about the day. I feel like the ritual took off another “layer” of stress and tension that I was experiencing and I was

able to let go of some things I was holding onto, thinking and feeling I needed to deal with it on my own.

I have recommended this event to many friends already and I have told them

it was deeply nourishing and healing on many levels."

~ Jeanean Rauch, Corvallis, OR

"So much gratitude Lara for leading this life changing event. The village we created was stronger than I imagined possible,

and carried me to depths I've not reached in so long. Gratitude to all my villagers too, for embracing my

grief and beauty and strength. May all share in this powerful healing."

~ Öcean MacConnell Liff-Anderson, Corvallis, OR

"I cannot suggest enough how much this event changed me. For anyone feeling the loss of another or loss of a dream.

This event helped me, in my darkest time, to begin my healing process. Sign up, you will not be disappointed."

~ Scott Roberts,  Ashland, OR


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