" I am so overwhelmed with gratitude for yesterday's session.

It was amazing and completely life-changing." 

Julia Goodall


Thank you a thousand times for all your love and help. I've been in therapy for 22 years and one single session with you opened my eyes to a whole new world of relating to myself. I feel an unaccustomed ease and joy in everything. What a gift!!

~ Geraldine Bethune, London, UK

“I cannot recommend Lara highly enough, as a wise, compassionate witness and guide. She helped me reflect on my loss of self, on my need for individuation, to call back my projections, off of the other, reclaim these lost parts of my psyche. Grief yields to gratitude, for these experiences, all of them. I cannot thank Lara enough for her support, compassion and guidance.”

~ Ocean Liff-Anderson, Corvallis, OR

Having worked with many different practitioners over the last ten years, I have found Lara to be an extremely wise, knowledgeable and compassionate woman. She seems to possess the traits of someone who has walked the path of life many times over. Her intuitiveness is powerful to behold. It has been a very great honour for me to have had her guidance and support.

~ Johanna Lueders, London, UK

Bless your heart Lara. Today is utterly transformed. I'm so grateful to know, work, and grieve with you. You are perhaps one of the only dedicated "griefwalkers" I have personally known. I truly see you living wholeheartedly and in integrity, sharing the most far-reaching, radical, and truly revolutionary medicine through your intuitively-guided offerings. I am humbled and inspired to work with you and support you. To express my gratitude, and honor your value.

~ Blake Roberts, Portland, OR

My grief support sessions with Lara moved both emotional and physical energy. Her expert skill in listening, mirroring, and holding space allowed me the room to find hidden expression locked in my jaw. I find Lara to be a nurturing soul with a wise presence.

~ Constance Hart, Morro Bay, CA

“I'm pretty sure more progress was made today than during the seven years that I've been doing annoying therapy stuff.”

~ Ruby Yagoda, Corvallis, OR  

(13 yrs old , family counseling)

Having spent most of my life immersed in Buddhist study and practice I believe I can recognize a Bodhisattva when I see one. Lara is one of life's rarities, an unswervingly compassionate warrior with a true "heart of perfection". Deep bows to this earth angel bringing her gifts to us mere mortals.

~ Elias Carter, London, UK

Working with Lara has changed my life. I spent years in therapy but was never able to extract the grief I carried in the memories of my cells. I called out to the universe, begging for a teacher that could guide me on this journey. The universe answered. Lara is teaching me the ways of true healing. Of fully grieving. Of feeling my feelings in all of their intensity without running away. Her unconditional and unwavering support give me the courage to cross the abyss in my heart and find relief on the other side. I am beginning to come back into my body; my prayer of 17 years. As I am learning to integrate the pain that I have suppressed for so long, my world is radically shifting. I am more present. I’m developing real compassion for myself. And I am feeling ALIVE. What a blessing to work with a teacher who has traveled the path of heartbreak and emerged as a beautiful butterfly that lights the way through the darkness. May all people have the profound opportunity to receive the support and tools that Lara shares, and to emerge from the internal cocoons that have imprisoned them. Lara’s guidance, support, and brilliance have illuminated the path to my freedom. May they illuminate the path to yours.”

~ Jenna Derrick, Sebastopol, CA

Our work together has brought me so much freedom from the inner turmoil I have lived with most of my life. My relationship with myself has changed so dramatically that I can hardly remember the depression and hopelessness that I experienced for so long. My only regret is that I didn’t have your support earlier to save me so many years of struggle.

~ Lisa Dowell, London UK

I am so overwhelmed with gratitude for yesterday's session. It was totally amazing and completely life changing and marked a major personal breakthrough for me. You have worked on my deepest layers and set me free to shine as I know I was created to.

~ Julia Goodall, Bath, UK

Lara is amazingly insightful and knows how to help you go into the many layers of what is preventing you from living the life you want.  I have worked with therapists, energy workers, and other non-traditional professionals, but Lara is the only practitioner who has been able to help me understand that pain and grief are not bad, that I don't need to stuff them down, and has given me the tools to work with my issues.  She is supportive, thoughtful, and comes from a non-judgmental place of love and acceptance.  I highly recommend working with her.

~ Kyle Isaacs, Monroe, OR

“What you are doing for me is priceless. If I were a young person in a tribe and you were the healer taking me through these steps I would owe my life to you! You are a wonderful healer. The world so needs your caring. ”

~ Denis White, Corvallis, OR

Lara has been able to guide me to a point of clarity and forward momentum that has not been achieved by years of counseling. I am absolutely floored by her ability to guide and support me in this way.

~ Anthony Veltri, Corvallis, OR

You work absolute magic. My life is forever changed from having met and worked with you. Thank you for returning me to myself. I am beyond grateful.

~ Joanna Davis, London, UK

Working with Lara has given me more and more clarity about the fears that have been driving my life, and more choice about the path I am taking through life. She has helped me move through some incredibly challenging issues with a degree of insight and understanding that I have never experienced before with other therapists and healers. She has taught me to how to navigate through life with more clarity and compassion and confidence. I am eternally grateful for her help.

~ Adriana Martinez, London, UK

“When I first came to see Lara I hated myself and most other people around me. I was plagued with thoughts of suicide, of finding a way out. She has the kind of unswerving compassion that makes you believe in angels. I've been given another chance at life and it's all down to meeting her.”

~ Jennifer Williams, Portland, OR

“My work with you has enabled me to be more thoughtful, reflective and deliberate in how I connect with others and how I perceive my world. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to train with you.”

~ Jess Beauchemin, Bend, OR

“I have experienced more in depth healing and changes with Lara than any other therapies and modalities I have tried. I often struggle when working with new people and it takes me a while for me to trust them, I did not experience this with Lara. She immediately made me feel at ease and that I could trust her. She is always able to meet me where I am in each individual session, intuitively guiding me to deeper healing and greater self discovery. I can’t really say enough good things about working with Lara, she has a gentle intuitive way of guiding sessions and the healing process that has been extremely effective and invaluable for me. If you are considering working with Lara individually, I highly recommend it, it has changed my life for the better.”

~ Katherine Edmonds, Corvallis, OR



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