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"Lara has been instrumental in revealing many hidden truths that I simply could not see. I am so grateful for her wisdom and gentle guidance and I look forward to carrying the gifts I have received from her throughout the remainder of my life.

Ariana Spillane



I offer healing support to individuals, couples, families, and groups. My approach is relational, intuitive, systems-led, emotionally-focused, process-oriented, and trauma-informed. I draw from a host of inter-related therapeutic practices woven together over two decades. My perspective is rooted in an understanding of our fundamental interdependence, trust in the power of an inherently wise and benevolent universe, respect for our innate capacity for healing, and honoring the laws of nature as the highest rules of living. 

Fully aware of the unprecedented times we are living through, in terms of the exponential collapse of Earth's vital ecosystems, and the global suffering we are witnessing and experiencing, I see the journey of healing as a non-linear process of reconnecting with the fullness of our humanity, growing around pain, and aligning our hearts with life-serving principles. My own journey led me to form Wild Peace Sanctuary, a place for people, animals, and the land to heal together in circles of reverence, repair, and reciprocity. 


A descendant of Northern European and South East Asian relatives, I live with a herd of rescued equines on 34 acres of wild meadows and mixed conifer forest, alongside a river, and close to the ocean on the Central Oregon Coast. The land I lease and steward was once the traditional hunting grounds of the Alsi/Wusitslum people, and is now home to many wild plants and creatures that I live with and care for as part of my regeneration work. When not working with clients, mostly I can be found outside, in all weathers.

“Those who undertake the full journey into their grief

come back carrying medicine for the world.”

Francis Weller 

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