"One of the most intensely beautiful and powerful events I have ever experienced. 

Lara has a true gift for bringing people together in peace, love and unity." 

David Little, Portland, OR


My name is Lara Lwin Treadaway. I chose to respond to the ecological crisis several years ago by adopting a lifestyle of voluntary simplicity and service. Born and raised in the UK, I now live off-grid and on the road in the US, spending much of my time in wild places and bringing my gifts and offerings to individuals and communities that I visit along the way. Through an integration of my lived experience, professional skills, and ongoing learning I offer my work in service to cultivating and nurturing greater wisdom, compassion, and resilience in our deeply uncertain and rapidly changing world.

My work draws on trainings in cognitive hypnotherapy, somatic and embodiment practices, energy medicine practices, transformative group work, nonviolent communication, and restorative justice processes, with many years of studying Buddhist practice and philosophy, the creative healing arts, ancestral healing, and ritual practicesI have studied personally with Joanna Macy, Francis Weller, Michael Meade, Eugene Gendlin, Dominic Barter, and Marshall Rosenberg, and draw inspiration from the work of Sobonfu Somé, Martin Prechtel, Gabor Maté, and Peter Levine among others.


I facilitate healing within community, weaving transformative group process, earth-honoring ritual, somatic awareness, embodiment practices, ways of council, sound and song to create spaces of beauty, truth-telling, and belonging. I offer soul mentoring to offer support for connecting with the hidden wisdom of soul, and to reclaim the unique gifts and blessings that are our ancestral birthright. I offer grief mentoring for navigating times of personal loss, difficult life transitions, ancestral, cultural and ecological grief. I also offer professional mentoring to support those working with groups.

While I have explored many paths to healing, my greatest source of knowledge has come through my own medicine story, from navigating many dark initiatory passages through complex trauma, multiple addictions, chronic illness, psychiatric abuse, and suicidal ideation. On the wholehearted path of learning to surrender to life's terms and embracing grief as a sacred and alchemical path, I have reconnected with the wisdom and guidance of my ancestors, repaired my relationship with the living world, rediscovered my essential wholeness, and restored my sense of deep belonging.

I spend much of my time in the natural world and am the guardian of three rescue animals including a mustang named Storm. My interests range from mythology to quantum theory, and ancestral skills to neurobiology. My ancestors hail from Ireland, England, Scandinavia, Burma, India, Mongolia, China, and Eastern Europe and Russia by adoption. I draw from the earth-honoring traditions of ancient Europe and the Buddhist traditions of Asia. I am an INFP Myers Briggs Type and a 4w5 on the Enneagram. I approach life as a mystic, in awe at the Great Mystery. My life is my activism. 

"Those who undertake the full journey into their grief come back carrying medicine for the world."


Francis Weller



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