"One of the most intensely beautiful and powerful events I have ever experienced. 

Lara has a true gift for bringing people together in peace, love and unity." 

David Little


I have been facilitating journeys of healing and transformation with individuals, couples, groups, and communities for over a decade, weaving spiritual perspectives, healing modalities, and ritual practices which are rooted in radical compassion and deep belonging. My aim is to foster, cultivate, and nurture greater courage, compassion, curiosity, and connection within ourselves, between each other, and with the more-than-human world. My work is trauma-aware, somatic-focused, and earth-honoring, and draws from a range of modalities including parts work and inner mediation processes, trauma release and resolution, sacred grief work, earth-honoring ceremony and the expressive and creative arts.

I live simply and close to the land. I am the guardian of Storm, a formerly wild BLM mustang rescued from abuse and neglect, and Saoirse (seer-sha), a BLM burro. It is these ones, and all my other animal beloveds, who have taught me the most about how to live in harmony with the land, and how to find meaning and joy in the simplest of things. Through my journeys of navigating grief, loss, and trauma I have learned how to metabolize, alchemize, and transmute pain, cultivate resilience, and restore the state of deep belonging that is our ancestral birthright. I trust that if we can allow ourselves to be tempered and shaped by our lives, we will discover many hidden blessings and unexpected gifts along the way. 

“Those who undertake the full journey into their grief come back carrying medicine for the world.”


Francis Weller



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