"One of the most intensely beautiful and powerful events I have ever experienced. 

Lara has a true gift for bringing people together in peace, love and unity." 

David Little



Originally from the UK, I moved to the Pacific NorthWest in 2012. I have been supporting the journey of healing and transformation with individuals, couples, communities, and groups for over two decades. My work is trauma-informed, somatic-focused, earth-honoring, and draws from a range of modalities. I have a particular interest in facilitating the clearing of inherited blocks and burdens, and claiming our ancestral blessings. 

I am also the founder of Shanti Sanctuary, an equine rescue and sanctuary that cares for a small herd of equines, mostly through the BLM burro and mustang removal program, and all of whom, in addition to being taken from their wild herds and native habitat, have suffered varying forms of abuse and neglect. Read more about Shanti Sanctuary here, and about the ongoing brutality and injustice of the BLM round-up program here.

“Those who undertake the full journey into their grief come back carrying medicine for the world.”


Francis Weller