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"Lara is deeply empathic, insightful, knowledgeable, and skillful beyond belief.

I can't say enough about how profoundly her work has affected my life."

David Kelmendi, Santa Rosa, CA


A healing retreat provides an in-person immersion experience for seeking healing and transformation, and for restoring balance within all dimensions: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Healing retreats are customized and designed specifically to address your particular needs and requirements, and may take place over a single day or multiple days. The intention with this offering is to provide a nurturing space with dedicated support and guidance for what most needs your care and attention.


Whether you need support with processing and integrating a deep loss, a difficult life transition, or traumatic event; or are longing to reclaim lost or abandoned parts of yourself and experience the full sense of wholeness and aliveness that is your birthright; whether you are looking for a deeper sense of meaning and purpose, or are seeking a guide for psychedelic therapy, a personalized healing retreat offers time and space for you to receive the support you need. Refer to this page for info on the modalities I draw from.

I offer a free initial consultation to explore what you are bringing and discuss logistics such as duration, location, and costs. Included in your retreat package is a pre-retreat session to determine intentions and clarify agreements and expectations, and a post-retreat session to support your ongoing integration. All retreats take place on the Central Oregon Coast where I recommend a range of local accommodations. Many clients choose to stay here longer than the retreat to enjoy the beauty  of this part of the world. 


“Lara is very skilled at guiding the deep work and supporting the body and the level of one-on-one engagement and

guiding was like none I have ever experienced. I have felt a deep shift in my thinking and feeling around

certain people and situations in my life. It truly is changing my life and how I relate to the world. ”


Lisa Chatham, Sebastopol, UK

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