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" I cannot recommend Lara highly enough, as a wise, compassionate witness and guide.

 Grief yields to gratitude, for these experiences, all of them."

Öcean MacConnell Liff-Anderson


Your Family History

Successful therapy begins with taking a thorough life history including:

Trauma Treatment

Resilience informed therapy takes into account the physiological and neurobiological underpinnings of post trauma reactions and uses this information to navigate through treatment.

Physical Health

Resilience informed therapy attends to the impact of unresolved PTSD on physical health.

Support Systems

As human beings we cannot fully be understood outside of the context of our relationships, social situations, and cultural experiences . Therefore, resilience informed therapy takes a close look at the presence or lack of current support systems and emphasizes reducing isolation.

Realize your Potential


Processing disturbing or traumatic life events can facilitate growth and a greater sense of purpose, helping you fulfill your potential.

Resilience Informed Therapy for Complex-PTSD

You can heal whether you are in recovery from a single traumatic event or from ongoing childhood abuse or neglect. Remember:

You are not broken, in need of fixing. Rather, you are deeply hurt, in need of care.

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