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"This was a very, very exquisite gathering of beautiful women practicing an

old lamenting way. I feel so, so blessed to have had this experience

with Lara Lwin Treadaway. I'm just speechless."

Victoria Markham, Ashland, OR


I provide guest facilitation for residential retreats and community gatherings and can create, and lead grief rituals, ceremonies, circles, trainings, and workshops. My work is holistic, trauma-informed, systems-focused, and earth-honoring, I offer from a range of inter-related practices including; ways of council, guided experiential group work, truth and reconciliation work, restorative justice work, the creative healing arts, group ritual and ceremony, meditation and breath work, and plant medicine journeys.

Following initial discussions, I will create a description of the proposed offering with an outline and timeline of the event, and information about any items or materials required, including an estimate for expenses. If the event requires a larger team of facilitators I can advise and recommend, and/or gather and manage that team. I can provide descriptions and photographs for publicity when and if required, and preparatory material for participants, including aftercare and integration practices following the event.

Past guest facilitation has included; creating and leading communal rituals for private retreats and programs, teaching classes and leading large group ceremonies at the Northern California Women's Herbal Symposium and Beloved Festival;  facilitating Restorative Circles and The Work That Reconnects with groups, communities, and organizations, and designing/leading rituals and threshold crossing ceremonies for individuals and groups. Please contact me to discuss how I can might serve your group or community. 

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