Reclaiming Our Inner Wisdom

RESIDENTIAL RETREAT | Aug 17 ~ 18, 2019



Location details will be given on registration. Please enquire for more details in advance. 



We will be gathering at a beautiful private residence. There are rooms available in the house and plenty of space for camping on the land. Please contact Lara to arrange your accommodations on 541-740-3933 or


You are welcome to arrive any time after 5:00 PM on Friday afternoon to settle in. Our opening circle will start at 10:00 AM on Saturday morning. Please be sure to arrive by 9:30 AM to allow us to start on time.


We will close at 1:00 PM on Sunday. We ask that everyone have packed up and vacated the property by 3:00 PM that day. 


The days are expected to be mostly warm with cool mornings and evenings. Come prepared with plenty of layers as we will be outside for much of the time and will also be spending some time at the ocean. We are not expecting rain at this time of year but come prepared in case we are so blessed! We have private access to a river so you may wish to bring shorts/swimsuit and a towel if you would like to swim.


Please bring all the food and snacks with you that you will need for the weekend. We have access to a kitchen with a refrigerator, oven, blender, coffee-maker, utensils, and dishes. Please bring your own water bottle. There is excellent spring water available for drinking. Please also bring food to share a potluck meal with the group on Saturday evening.

Sacred Altar Items

We will be building a grief altar, ancestors altar and a compassion/forgiveness altar at the Ocean. Please bring items that represent grief you are carrying personally, culturally, or ecologically, including for parts of yourself that were lost, devalued, exiled, or abandoned along the way. Consider bringing photos of yourself as a child, loved ones that have passed over, wounded places, and human and other-than-human suffering in our world. Please also bring items to represent the qualities of healing/compassion, and items to beautify our altars, such as candles (beeswax only please), feathers, * foliage/flowers, pine cones, shells etc...

Ocean Offering

We will be making offerings of blessed water to the ocean. Please bring a small bottle or vial of water from the area where you live, perhaps from a well, spring, creek, or river. Please ask permission from the body of water you are receiving her lifeblood from, and offer a prayer or song of gratitude in return. We will discuss the meaning of this practice in more detail during the retreat.

* Foliage/flowers

if you are bringing foliage and flowers for the altars, please be mindful and prayerful about how you harvest these items. Ask permission before you remove anything living from the Earth and offer a song, a prayer or a few words of gratitude in return. Please only bring only garden variety flowers, or wild flowers that are common and plentiful. No commercial flowers please.

* Suitable clothing for sunshine, rain, and cool weather - bring layers

* Personal items (toiletries, medications, first aid items, etc.)

* Shorts/swimsuit/towel for swimming in the river

* Sun hat/sun protection/sunglasses

* Food and snacks for the weekend

* Personal camping gear (if camping)

* Sacred altar items (see above)
* Journal/pen for taking notes

* Your intention for our time together


Please let us know if you can offer a ride or carpool with others. Contact Lara on to be kept informed of ride-share options.



This retreat is being offered on a sliding scale and in the spirit of the gift economy to make this work accessible to all incomes. You are invited to offer what you are able to in a practice of mutual trust and sacred reciprocity. No-one will be turned away for lack of funds. Please contact Lara on 541-740-3933 or at to discuss work trade/scholarship opportunities. If you are able to offer a higher amount to support this work, this will be gratefully received.

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Please reach out if you have any other questions!



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