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Waking up in the Anthropocene


Thursday Evenings, April - May 2019

7:00 - 8:30 PM


“ Climate Change is now reaching the end-game… the issue is the very survival of our civilization .” 

~ Prof. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber

" It’s walking the razor’s edge of the sacred moment where you don’t know, you can’t count on, and comfort yourself with any sure hope.

All you can know is your allegiance to life and your intention to serve it in this moment that we are given.

In that sense, this radical uncertainty liberates your creativity and courage.

~ Joanna Macy

Climate chaos, mass species extinction, the existential threat of our own demise as a species. We have entered a period of abrupt climate breakdown. Ecological collapse has begun. The terms earth grief, ecological grief, climate trauma, climate anxiety, and solastalgia are all being used to describe what many people are feeling in these times of rapid change and deep uncertainty. How can we process what is happening? What are we to do? How do we continue to make sense of our lives and our future in the midst of global distress? This online circle offers an opportunity to explore these and other questions, and to share and begin to metabolize the grief, fear, and overwhelm we are carrying in response to the ecological crisis.

Through simple rituals, meditations and poetry to inspire and nourish our hearts, and practices drawn from The Work That Reconnects, developed by deep ecologist Joanna Macy, this online gathering offers an opportunity to come together in like-minded community to honor our sorrows, nurture belonging, cultivate resilience, and exchange resources as we navigate this collective dark night of the soul of humanity. There is no obligation to share. Participants are welcome to simply be present and feel held in the circle if they wish. Guidelines to support safety in the group and suggestions for how to prepare will be sent on registration. Please note this circle is conducted in audio to minimize distractions and offer privacy and ease.



Lara Lwin Treadaway weaves group ritual, earth-based ceremony, poetry, music, song, storytelling, and ways of council to guide and support healing and transformation in community. She believes that sacred grief work, ancestral healing, earth reconnection, and the creative arts are pathways to restoring deep belonging within ourselves, between each other, and with the other-than-human world. Lara's personal story includes many rough initiations through grief, loss, and trauma, leading to a hard-won respect for the alchemical journey of transmuting pain into medicine for the world.

This Online Grief & Resilience Circle is for those who are:​​

  • Activists needing release and renewal to support healthy and sacred activism

  • Concerned about the climate crisis and needing to grieve and cultivate resilience

  • Feeling alone and unable to discuss these issues in a deep way with family or friends

  • Feeling emotionally numb, overwhelmed, and/or paralyzed by what is happening to our world

  • Looking for resources to become further educated on the issues and to help with managing fears

  • Carrying anxiety, outrage, frustration, and despair and needing to share and process these feelings

  • Wanting to cultivate a deeper relationship with their grief for the earth and the more-than-human world

“ If we can hear the cry of the Earth, feel this grief in our soul, then something in our heart opens. We are not separate from the Earth,

 her loss is our loss, her cry is our cry. Our heart becomes the Earth’s prayer that calls, and love then response to that call... More and

more I believe that small things with love are what are needed—acts rooted in loving kindness—because it is in these

qualities that the soul is present, and only when the soul is present can miracles happen, can magic

come alive, and prayers be answered. And love is the greatest force in creation."

~ Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee


Thursday Evenings, April - May 2019

7:00 PM - 8.30 PM, Pacific Time | Registration closes at 6:00 PM


Suggested Donation: $15 - $25 per circle

In the spirit of the gift economy, please give what you are able to. No-one will be turned away for lack of funds.

If you are able to offer a higher amount than the sliding scale, you are invited to pay it forward to support this work.

Space is limited. Early registration recommended.

If you have any questions please contact Lara:  |  541-740-3933

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