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Finding Meaning in a Troubled World

One Day Workshop | Sat, Sep 7, 2019 | Corvallis, OR


Cultivating Courage, Creativity, and Resilience in Response to the Ecological Crisis

" It’s walking the razor’s edge of the sacred moment where you don’t know, you can’t count on, and comfort yourself with any sure hope.

All you can know is your allegiance to life and your intention to serve it in this moment that we are given.

In that sense, this radical uncertainty liberates your creativity and courage."

~ Joanna Macy


Mass species extinction, melting ice caps, dying oceans, floods, droughts, fires, political insanity, social division, economic disparity, endless war... How are we to find meaning and cultivate resilience when we are faced with so much suffering, and the very systems we depend on are unraveling? This one-day workshop, which is structured around the spiral framework of The Work That Reconnects, developed by deep ecologist Joanna Macy, offers an opportunity for us to engage deeply with these, and other, questions in brave and loving community. Together we will explore ways to turn toward the challenges of our time, keep our hearts open and engaged, and respond to our world in crisis with wisdom, compassion, and creativity.

Through the transformative power of group sharing, ritual, storytelling, poetry, and song, we will co-create a foundation of gratitude and beauty from which to welcome; share, honor, and metabolize our feelings of outrage, alarm, fear, grief, and despair; explore new ways of making sense of these times; and seek meaningful ways to act. There are many hard things for us to face in our world today, but the deep concern and heartbreak we feel is evidence that we are fully alive and connected to the web of life. If we want to contribute to a better world, we must first learn how to embrace and alchemize our pain into inspiration, resilience, and purpose. Only then can we shine a light into this dark night of the soul of humanity.


Lara Lwin Treadaway facilitates healing in community, weaving earth-honoring ritual, experiential group work, ways of council, poetry, storytelling, and song. She believes that communal grief work, ancestral healing, earth reconnection, and the creative arts are sacred pathways to restoring deep belonging within ourselves, between each other, and with the more-than-human world. Lara’s personal story includes many deep initiations through grief, loss, and trauma, leading to a hard-won respect for the alchemical journey of transmuting our pain into medicine for the world. She has been a facilitator of The Work That Reconnects for over a decade. 

“We need acts of restoration, not only for polluted waters and degraded lands, but also for our relationship to the world. We need

to restore honor to the way we live, so that when we walk through the world we don’t have to avert our eyes with shame,

so that we can hold our heads up high and receive the respectful acknowledgment of the rest of the earth’s beings.” 

~ Robin Wall Kimmerer


DATE/TIME: Saturday, September 7, 2019 | 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

LOCATION: First United Methodist Church, Corvallis, OR 97330

RECIPROCITY: Suggested Sliding Scale $50 - $125

In the spirit of the gift economy, you are invited to give what you are able to.

Work trade and scholarships are available. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

If you are able to contribute more than suggested please consider doing so to support this practice.

Space is limited. Early registration recommended.


If you have any questions please contact Lara:  |  541-740-3933


from previous events led by Lara Lwin Treadaway

"Simply put, Lara is ideally suited for this sacred alchemical work. She has the capacity to hold deep space for the sorrows

of the world while being firmly rooted in the healing power of the good, the true, and the beautiful."

~ Freyja Swan-Utsman, San Luis Obispo, CA

"Lara is a skilled facilitator who navigates the most challenging issues of our time with wisdom, sensitivity, and a wide-open heart.

Her event was a deep experience that challenged me to explore my grief and pain,

while empowering me to face those hurts with resilience and hope."

~ Kevin Gallagher, Santa Barbara, CA

"The next day I felt a great capacity to hold life and things that were unbearable before. It was a life-changing practice that I

intend to make a part of my life on a regular basis. Lara is an extraordinary spirit and a skillful facilitator. The

container she created felt incredibly safe and inclusive allowing me to do very deep work."

~ Jana Holm, Portland, OR

"This work was very powerful and transformative for me and I highly recommend it. I cannot say enough about you Lara and

the safe space you held communally. You are masterful at what you do, and so clearly and beautifully

committed to helping heal the planet with this work. Deep bow of gratitude.”

~ Laura Ghiringhelli Knutson, San Luis Obispo, CA


"Lara’s insight, knowledge and compassion to serve people through the process of grief is so powerful and wise.

It’s very evident she has devoted herself to this much needed practice of healing. The love and

acceptance she evokes in this work is truly moving and powerful."

~ Gina Shuman, San Luis Obispo, CA

"When the world is shaking at its core and nothing feels safe or certain we need to be brought together in such a way that we

can FEEL what is happening and then carry each other through. Thank you Lara for having created

such a space for us all to find healing and mutual support."

~ Gwen Moore, Eugene, OR

"Grief work is such a vital part of our lives as full humans, and something so missing from our Western society. Lara brings

this sacred technology and offerings back into our remembrance, awakening it from our deep ancestral knowledge.

It is amazing what a strong practice these rituals can be for cultivating our capacity to love and

hold ourselves and each other through life's waves of grief."

~ Alexa Lindahl, San Luis Obispo, CA

"I went specifically to grieve about the Earth and all we are losing. Those of us who love the earth and are awoke to what is

happening are carrying so much grief. Taking the time to feel and express grief for disappearing species, desecrated

places, and our difficult future does not mean we are giving up, but rather it can re-energize us to continue our

activism. Grief is the other side of love and we can’t have one without the other, yet there are so few places

where our grief is welcomed and accepted and can be fully expressed in community."

~ Sharon Blick, Eugene, OR

"Here's a wonderful opportunity to reclaim energy you may be unknowingly wasting just trying to hold back despair.

My close friend, Lara, is a gifted facilitator bringing many years of study and practice to create the

safe space needed to grieve through despair into the power of community."

~ Leonard Higgins, Eugene, OR

"I found myself feeling amazed the morning we parted ways, as tears sprang up. I had come to know and care for my fellow Villagers,

made friends, heard stories, saw inside their hearts briefly. A true community holds the capacity to experience many things

together without busting at the seams. Grief bonds when held with compassion and understanding. Grief shows us

our capacity for Joy as well. A community that learns to hold both is strong, resilient, and capable

of changing the world. Thank you, Lara Lwin Treadaway, for guiding us."

~ Michelle Madgett, San Luis Obispo, CA

"I would absolutely recommend this event for anyone who is longing for authentic, safe, and reverent engagement

of our deepest most profound emotions. This is profound experiential work for both personal

and communal nurturance and therefore healing.”

~ Richard Leversee, Morro Bay, CA

"The practices Lara took us through were deeply transformative. Her sensitivity to the needs of all the participants, individually and collectively, was inspirational. She brought an incredible quality of presence to the room that helped us all feel safe and supported."

~ Francesca Simms, Portland, OR

"This is a great opportunity to explore and express your grief, where you can truly go to very deep places and feel safe doing it,

being held by a facilitator who is kind, compassionate, powerful and experienced. Lara, I love the combination of your skills

and experience, your love and deep compassion for the work, your humor and seriousness with the process,

your kindness and the over abiding love that you share."

~ Jack Leishman, Ashland, OR

"Please attend this important event. It will change the way you see the world, the grief, the joy and our connection. 

Lara Lwin Treadaway will enfold you and bring you into a world beyond right and wrong,

a world where we can all meet and hold space for each other."

~ Milena Worsham, Ashland, OR

"Clarity, Vastness, Depth, Liberation, Inspiration, Community. Grateful for today’s workshop of Tending the Unraveling.

It works if you work it. Thank You Lara Lwin Treadaway."

~ Anahata Kia Wind, San Luis Obispo, CA

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