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"O Sister Nomad, You go on girl and spread love and peace and understanding in your yellow bus. Flowers will spring up along the path behind you. What a beautiful endeavour. You're such an inspiration!"


Araxi Utidjian


In 2015 I raised the funds via a GoFundMe campaign to convert a school bus to run on recycled waste vegetable oil (WVO) before setting out on the road with my project The Green Road, driving almost 100% fossil fuel free. Between 2015 - 2020 I traveled throughout California and Oregon creating and leading community circles, workshops, land-based retreats, and rituals with a diverse range of groups, and offering my gatherings within a gifting paradigm to make them accessible to all incomes. Below are a few snapshots of my work and travels, along with a link to The Green Road website where you can read more about this project, which is currently on hold due to limitations on gathering in community due to the COVID19 pandemic. 

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