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An intended two week visit to Wild Nest Ecovillage in Sebastopol, CA, turned into several months of watching the moon pull itself around the earth. My little herd and I found a home in Ceremony Valley where Storm could graze at night under a circle of stars. By day we walked the forest trails, marvelled at the tree houses and fell in love with an entire village who I've been told also fell in love with us. Hard to leave when your heart refuses, but the time came.

So, here's to all those at Wild Nest who held us with love and joy and new friendship as the seasons turned, to all those who received our gifts of healing and gave so much in return. Here's to the tree-feller, the film-maker, the spoon-maker, and the story-teller, to Princess Dirty Face and her barefoot bright-eyed brother, sisters and friends. Here's to the inventor, the doctor, the guitar-player, and the basket-weaver, and to all those we left back there in that fairytale forest. We will miss you. And we will carry you in our hearts forever.


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