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Tending the Unraveling

On my way to Portland to stand with the many other heart warriors and friends of the Earth at City Hall, to sing my grief songs and offer up my prayers for the healing of our world. And on Sunday I am offering a space for those who need to tend to the holy fire of their anger, despair, anxiety, and grief in order to transmute this power-filled energy into fuel for the journey ahead. Together we will weave songs from the threads of our sorrow and outrage, lest we get tangled in the blame and shame that keeps us from walking in our true power. We will offer up our heartbreak as a gift to the Water and invite the movement of great forces within us to make new sacred ground to walk on. We will sing out the sweet breath of our love and longing for all that has been lost, and for the blue-green precious jewel that is our beloved Earth, so that we can carry our beautiful broken hearts back out into the world and onto the streets as a living prayer, one that arises from a clear vision of what we most cherish and long for and a humbleness that bows ever more deeply to the great unknown.


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