"Lara is deeply empathic, insightful, knowledgeable, and skillful beyond belief.

I can't say enough about how profoundly her work has affected my life."

David Kelmendi, Santa Rosa, CA


Healing intensives provide in-person immersion experiences of dedicated support and guidance for individuals or couples. Akin to a personalized retreat, a healing intensive is tailored to your particular needs and requirements and offers a safe and nurturing environment to dive deeply into the journey of healing and transformation. Whether your healing intensive takes place over several hours, a full day or multiple days, the intention of this offering is to provide a sanctuary space for the process of reconnecting with what feels most important in your life. 

Perhaps you need some support with processing and integrating a significant loss or difficult life transition, or with resolving a traumatic event in the past or a present-day conflict. Perhaps there are parts of yourself that have been lost, hurt, or abandoned along the way and that need to be seen and known and welcomed back in order for you to return to your full sense of aliveness. Perhaps you need to find a greater sense of meaning and purpose in your life. Whatever your intention, a healing intensive can create the time and space required to focus deeply on what needs tending to in your life Please refer to my depth work and grief work pages in order to read more about the various modalities I work with.

Our journey together will start with an initial consultation where we can explore the focus of our time together and discuss logistics such as duration, location, and costs. The intensive itself includes a pre-intensive session to determine your intentions and our agreements, and a post-intensive session to support your integration. While traveling to you is a possibility, most clients choose to come to the Central Oregon coast where I live. Please contact me to schedule an initial chat to discuss your needs and intentions. Click here for testimonials from previous clients. 

See below for some pictures (taken with kind permission) from a client who experienced a weekend-long healing intensive.

Having worked with many different practitioners over the last ten years, I have found Lara to be an extremely wise, knowledgeable

and compassionate woman. It has been a very great honour for me to have had her guidance and support.


Johanna Lueders, London, UK