" I cannot recommend Lara highly enough, as a wise, compassionate witness and guide.

 Grief yields to gratitude, for these experiences, all of them."

Öcean MacConnell Liff-Anderson


A healing intensive provides an in-person immersion experience of dedicated support and guidance and is available to both individuals and couples. Akin to a personalized retreat, a healing intensive is tailored to your particular needs and circumstances and offers a safe and sacred environment within which to engage with deep alchemical work. Whether your intensive takes place over several hours, a full day, or multiple days, the aim of this offering is to provide a safe sanctuary space for a transformative journey of healing, reconnecting, and reclaiming. 

Whether you are needing support with processing and integrating a loss or life transition, resolving a past trauma or conflict, finding a new sense of meaning and purpose for your life, or restoring and reclaiming lost parts of yourself, a healing intensive allows time and space to focus deeply on what needs tending in your life. Some of the practices available during an intensive include parts work, trauma resolution, grief work, ritual practices, earth reconnection, and equine healing sessions with my two rescue animals, Storm the mustang and Saoirse the burro.

The journey starts with an initial consultation where we will determine the focus of our work together and discuss logistics such as duration, location, and costs. A follow up call is offered one week after the intensive to check in around agreements made during our time together and to support your continued integration. Fees vary according to the duration of the intensive and the economic circumstances of each client(s). It is important to me to balance my financial needs with my hopes of making this work accessible. For more information please contact me.

Having worked with many different practitioners over the last ten years, I have found Lara to be an extremely wise, knowledgeable and compassionate woman. She seems to possess the traits of someone who has walked the path of life many times over. Her intuitiveness

is powerful to behold. It has been a very great honour for me to have had her guidance and support.


Johanna Lueders, London, UK